The Grandmother Project: Towards a New Partnership between Family & State

Published: 2004

The basic argument in this report is that the postwar welfare state in Britain set out to build public support around stable, lifelong marriage and the nuclear family. But the state itself then helped to undermine marriage by its own increasing emphasis on motherhood, including supports for single parents. Public policy also ignored the ex…

Exploring Ethnic Tensions Through Locality

Published: 2003

In preparation for research into the relationship between people and place in London, Belinda Brown explores some of the issues she hopes to illuminate through it. Her starting point is that prejudice and discrimination, which feed racism, are not deviant traits in inherently ‘bad’ individuals. Rather they are a by-product of a hu…

Growing the European Urban System

Published: 2003

In this paper Sir Peter Hall suggests that there are two alternative ways of looking at cities and city systems, both valid, which need to be combined. He looks at the performance of the European urban system in the last quarter century. From this, starting from the European Spatial Development Perspective, he suggests some lines of p…

White Immigrants: A Portrait of the Polish Community in London

Published: 2003

In the process of preparing research on Polish migrants to London, Belinda Brown explores the problems confronted by the Polish community in London – expected to become larger with the accession of Poland to the EU – and the overlap with problems experienced by black migrants. She identifies a number of difficulties with con…


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