Gabby Keating

Civic Scholar

Gabby is a PhD student researching into the impact of crisis on educational transition in Bradford. Using interdisciplinary research, Gabby is interested in applying sociological and psychological theory to student experience in order to understand the long term impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gabriel Vivas-Martinez

Civic Scholar

Gabriel is an actor, social theatre facilitator, and researcher. Having worked extensively in The Netherlands, Italy, China, Hungary, Poland, South Africa, and the UK, Gabriel is engaged in educational programmes for the European Commission.

Helena Hollis

Evidence Manager

Helena works on a range of Institute for Community Studies projects. Prior to joining us in 2021, she completed PhD research, coordinated a shared UCL and British Academy project on AI and the future of work, and worked as a research methods lecturer and librarian. She is passionate about her research having a real impact on people’s lives.

Holly Smith

Civic Scholar

Holly is a PhD student at University College London, where her thesis looks at community action. She has a focus on high-rise estates in Britain from 1967 to 2015. An interest in social justice is at the heart of her research.

Islam Jalaita

Community Advisory Board

Islam brings 15 years’ experience, knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking, working with diverse communities to empower people to lead and nurture resilient communities.

Judith Parry

Civic Scholar

Judith is studying the wellbeing impact of grassroots ‘community-led’ housing for her PhD. Her work is focused on green space and infrastructure.

Katriya Bulutoglu

Senior Researcher

Through her work, Katriya is particularly interested in diversity and inclusion, as well as how research methodology can bring communities together and amplify the voices of those so often left out of traditional research. Katriya joined The Young Foundation after graduating from university in 2020.

Kevin Dixon

Community Advisory Board

The Chair of Healthwatch Torbay and the Torbay Patient Participation Group Network, Kevin has a particular interest in health, social care and community responses to poverty.

Louise McLaughlin-Borlace

Community Advisory Board

Louise is keen to represent peoples’ views from Co. Fermanagh and exchange skills and best practice, identifying projects that may help develop the community sector within Northern Ireland.

Nahed Ahmed

Civic Scholar

Nahed is doing her PhD in Female Entrepreneurship and social capital. She is a British council (HESPAL)-awarded researcher, and is based in York. She has worked for many years as a lecturer and tutor, and has held managerial positions at universities in Gaza.

Nahim Ahmed MBE

Community Advisory Board

Nahim serves the most vulnerable members of society through his work in the private, public and third sectors. His professional experiences in a range of sectors help create positive sustainable changes in areas affected by poverty.

Nisha Waller

Civic Scholar

A criminology PhD ESRC Scholar at the University of Oxford, Nisha’s research focuses on the application of complicity law with reference to serious youth violence and the criminalisation of young black men.


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